The bare bones of an effective SEO

Any business owner knows (or should know) the concept of SEO, and the impact that it has on their business growth and success. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process in which your website is optimized so that it achieves high ranks in search engines, providing more traffic and visibility to anyone who searches for the subject that’s relevant to your business.

Even if a business owner spends a lot of capital investing in a more complicated and fancy SEO strategy, if the basics are often neglected, it’ll still fail. So here are some simple reminders that any business owner should never forget in order to keep their SEO campaign effective.

Maintain High Quality Content

This is hands-down the most important factor for a good SEO campaign. Unfortunately, some business owners forget the importance of it.

High quality content is simply the one that catches the users’ interest so effectively that they’ll keep on visiting the business website in question. Search engines will most likely refer users to websites whose content has the highest quality and relevance based on their algorithms.

SEO1 300x300 The bare bones of an effective SEO

To this end, the basic idea for achieving high quality content is to simply make sure that anything you serve to the readers is not only relevant to your business model, but also enough to gain the readers’ attention. While the usual practice of putting videos and pictures on your website is very effective, the best practice is to simply keep your content updated and fresh every time so as to not to cause readers to lose interest in your site.

Proper Keyword Usage

These keywords are what the users type in whenever they search for something, so it makes sense that proper use of these shouldn’t be neglected. The key is to make it readable and understandable by humans. Proper grammar should still be followed whenever possible so as to not make the keyword look forced. While keywords are prominently used inside the content itself, the best places where it should be used are on the title tags and page headers of the site.

Keep in mind that the new technology of search engines penalizes those who overuse keywords in their SEO attempt. This is known as “keyword stuffing”, and this practice will only result in the search engine giving your site a low rank.

Internal Links Integration

The general idea of this is to simply give the readers convenience. There’ll be times that they may want to backtrack to a previously-posted content of yours to give them an idea about the new content, but they can’t be bothered to wade through several pages just to find the post they want.

Thus, make sure that whenever the situation calls for it, you should link back to your archives. Not only does it provide convenience for the reader, but it also boosts web traffic to these pages, which also helps in SEO. As with keyword usage, internal linking should be done appropriately and in moderation, as excessive linking will only annoy the readers instead.

Building Quality Backlinks

Arguably more important than even keywords, building backlinks is one of the strongest factors in determining the overall quality of your website in SEO rankings.

The concept is simple. You simply can’t survive in the SEO world alone. You should build a good relationship with other websites with similar, yet non-conflicting, interests, and ask them if they can add a link of your site to theirs. The more reputable a website is that links to your site, the better it’ll be for search engines. Of course, proper courtesy dictates that you should also provide a link to their site on your own website in return. This way, everyone wins.

Progress Monitoring

Finally, what good is the SEO campaign if one doesn’t know if they’re doing the right thing or not? In this case, business owners should also keep an eye on their SEO progress using different web tools that are available. That way, they’ll know if their SEO campaign is progressing smoothly, and make improvements to it. Or, if it’s not generating good results, they can also change parts of their strategy or do a major overhaul of it.